OST to PST Conversion Software

MS Outlook 2002 and the previous versions had a threshold size of Offline Storage Table (OST) file of 2GB. When the OST file size reached or exceeded this limit, the user encounters the following issues:
  • Inability to access or load OST file
  • Unable to make changes in outlook file (for eg: adding data)
  • Does not synchronize the OST file with Exchange Server
  • Come across error messages during synchronization
This problem is termed as over sized ms outlook file issue. In a case of over sized ms outlook file, you are unable to access the emails, contacts and other data saved in OST file. The outlook files start acting lethargic in Outlook 2002 and previous versions, as soon as it reaches the size of about 1.82 GB. In this case again you can take necessary precautions such as compacting the ost file as MS Outlook and Exchange Server do not come with any built-in utility or feature that can help you resolve the issue of over sized outlook file.

But as soon as the ms outlook file size reaches the 2GB limit, the file becomes unresponsive. Also, you might come across any of the error message given below, while trying to access these files:
"Errors have been detected in the file. Quit all mail-enabled applications, and then use the In box Repair Tool."
"Can't copy the item"
"Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server' reported error (0x00040820):'Errors in background synchronization. In most cases, further information is available in a synchronization log in the Deleted Items folder.'"

In order to resolve the issue of over sized ms outlook file, Microsoft has released a number of service packs but again, these are of no use. Even after installing these service packs and reaching 2GB limitation, .OST starts displaying error messages and halts any operation including synchronization. However, this issue has been resolved in the latest versions of MS Outlook as the new OST file now has a limit of 20GB and is created in Unicode format.

The over sized OST scenario becomes quite inconvenient in a work place as you have to stick to a particular schedule. To reduce the size of OST, execute the following steps:
1.Click Start > Search.
2.Type Scanost.exe in the search bar and click the search button.
3.The scanost.exe will appear in the right panel of the search window.
4.Double-click scanost.exe to launch it.
5.Click the Browse button to locate the over sized outlook files.
6.Click the OK button

After you click the OK button, the scanost.exe file will reduce the size of ms outlook file by removing the extra space in the OST file created due to permanently deleted data. However, if in case there is no extra space of deleted items, then scanost.exe utility will not be able to help you access OST file data. In this case, the ideal way to get access to your OST data is to convert OST to PST. When you convert OST to PST, the data saved in OST files become accessible with MS Outlook. The OST to PST conversion software is a sure shot way to ensure you gain access to OST data in the minimum amount of time.

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